Adrian-FraimI know what you’re thinking. Who’s that dashing young man to the right? What is he staring at? Why would anyone on Earth plaster their walls with that outlandish wallpaper?

I don’t know the answers to any of those questions, except one. That man is Adrian Fraim, the creative mind behind Afraim Creative. Ok! Ok! Enough with the third person narrative.

First and foremost, welcome to my portfolio! Now, let me tell you a little bit about who I am. I am a son, a brother, and an artist. I am a man that would rather spend my free time at the gym, hiking in the wilderness, and in front of a computer screen spilling my ideas out onto my art boards.

I graduated with honors at Stevens-Henager College in 2014, obtaining my Bachelors degree in graphic design with an emphasis on marketing. I have since then worked at Nashville based design agency, C&C Creative Publishing, worked as a freelance print and WordPress designer; dealing with a wide variety of clientele, and helped build an emerging fitness apparel company from the ground up.

I love what I do and am constantly looking for new projects to fill my time. So, if you are in need of a self driven designer with a keen eye on the latest design trends, attention to detail, and a professional attitude, then lets talk! I’m sure we could create amazing things together!




“From the moment I started working with Adrian he wasn’t just the most professional designer id worked with, but the most efficient. Simultaneously integrating 4 different systems and tracking tools into my new webpage he was designing on the fly, his instructions were clear and concise enough for even the most novice of computer users. My webpage and its partnership with a huge clothing conglomerate was lynch pin in the success of my business and Adrian stopped at nothing to make it look outstanding and run just as smooth. With open lines of communication every step of the way and a willingness to change even the smallest of details to make me happy, I wouldn’t use another programmer in the future… period. With a knack for making a small business look like a Fortune 500 stock listing, you’re going to want this programming guru on your side. Thanks Adrian, I couldn’t have done it without you.”


– SSG Brandon Lirio, CEO at Battleground Fitness


“Adrian designed my company’s logo and website in 2014 and it may have been the best business decision we have made thus far. I had countless people tell me that websites are so easy to make these days that I should just use a Wix template and do it myself to save money. Those are the same people who are now telling me how awesome my website is and asking who did it! I wasn’t 100% sure of what I envisioned our brand looking like but, despite me not giving him much to work with, Adrian accepted the challenge and came up with a logo and website that I’m proud of. Anytime I didn’t understand something or wanted to make changes he would take the time to call and explain everything thoroughly. After seeing how talented and professional he was, I ended up asking Adrian what he thought would look best when it came to me in regards to certain design decisions I needed to make. Another huge benefit I have had using Adrian is how helpful he has been beyond what I initially paid him for. As our company has grown I have purchased branded marketing materials and anytime I have had any logo sizing or editing questions, Adrian has been more than happy to help. Not only is his price better than most design companies I initially contacted, he has saved me a ton just by being a helpful adviser and friend as we have started growing our brand. I’ve referred Adrian to several friends and business colleagues and will continue to do so!”


 Seth Tidwell, Owner at Nerdy Talk Trivia


“Adrian was able to help us for a four-week contract, and in that short period he quickly learned our brand and how to design for our business needs. He was a self-starter, never missed a deadline, and was eager to take on anything we threw at him. He had a great attitude during a hectic time for our company. We appreciated the attitude and work-ethic he brought to the office every day. I would be glad to work with Adrian again in the future.”


– Sarah Markham, Mgr. Graphic Design, Blue Zones Project